Turkey tenderloin recipe

Turkey tenderloin recipe

This Quick Pot turkey tenderloin recipe is so easy and flavorful, and it fundamentally cooks itself!

I Adore turkey. I by no means genuinely understood the folks who say they don’t like it. And I Enjoy Thanksgiving. It’s by far my favourite holiday. Every yr my complete extended household gathers in Macon, Georgia for three or four days. Because we are spread out all over the Southeast, we spend every moment together, and there’s lots of cooking, eating, and cleansing. We have the traditional turkey and cornbread dressing and giblet gravy, accompanied by (normally) collard AND turnip greens, creamed corn, butter beans, pineapple-cheese casserole, cornbread, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. My Mammie was a wonderful cook and Thanksgiving dinner is the meal I look forward to all yr, not just since of the foods, but since of the people with whom I get to share it.

So I’ve usually loved turkey. BUT then I had other people’s turkey. When overcooked it turns out actually dry. I usually feel about Christmas Holiday when cousin Catherine overcooks the turkey and they’re all gnawing on it like jerky. Undesirable News! And the issue is that most of us only cook turkey as soon as or twice a yr, and it’s constantly at a high-pressure meal exactly where it genuinely needs to flip out excellent.

Nicely, whether or not it’s your 1st time hosting Thanksgiving or your hundredth, if you’ve received turkey anxiety, I’ve received a answer for you. Quick Pot Turkey Tenderloin. When I say you can’t mess this up, I mean you really can’t mess it up. It will flip out great and juicy. This technique is also excellent for a smaller sized crowd when a complete bird isn’t needed.

Examine out my favorite way to use up leftover turkey, and make these Turkey and Spinach Enchiladas!

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