Japchae recipe

Japchae recipe

Practically meaning “mixed vegetables,” japchae is a simple dish created with transparent glass noodles and an assortment of toppings. Every ingredient is cooked individually for a cleaner taste. We went with a colorful bunch here: punchy yellow strips of egg, purplish red onions, orange carrots, forest green spinach, and caramelized bites of marinated beef. If you are looking to turn this into a vegetarian feast, you can substitute tofu or yuba for protein, bean sprouts and cucumbers for crunch, and no matter what else your taste buds need. The spice level in this recipe is fairly tame, but if you really like a very good kick, just include a lot more gochujang, to taste.

Japchae is a flexible dish, ideal for any time of year: You can serve it warm or chilled, and eat it as a side dish or a primary. Do not fail to remember to comment and price down beneath right after you have created this recipe to allow us know how you liked it! For a lot more great healthful summertime eats, verify out these balanced meal tips.

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