Egg noodle recipe

Egg noodle recipe

By swasthi , on July 21, 2019 , 51 Comments

Egg noodles recipe – sharing a single of the best recipe to make egg noodles. It’s so easy and will come collectively below twenty minutes. You can make it effortlessly even on a occupied day with minimal ingredients. For a more healthy option use complete wheat noodles. I created with whatever I could acquire on my way property following a hectic day. You can use any variety of noodles whole wheat noodles, rice noodles, hokkien noodles or no matter what you have.

Noodles is not a frequent affair at property. But is only a stand by when I don’t want to hang around eating in mcdonald or kfc. I favor producing egg fried rice or noodles at house as they are really quick to be done.

To make egg noodles I will not ask you to use any fancy elements or sauce that you may not have in your pantry. You can use any veggies you have in hand like onions or spring onions, carrots, peas or bell pepper. But yes we need to have eggs.

Egg noodles took place on a day, when I did not have any veggies in hand, not even an onion. I went ahead creating these noodles only with bell peppers. But you can make it even with no any veggies if you don’t have. But for a healthier meal, I suggest employing ample greens.

These noodles flip out to be flavorful and light. The taste comes from the two spices. Star anise and mace utilised in the standard Chinese cuisine. Therefore we don’t need to have any sauces.

For individuals who are really specific about employing sauces, you can use any of your favourite sauce like chili sauce, tomato sauce, soya sauce or peri peri. They can be added along with vinegar.

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