Chicken satay recipe

Chicken satay recipe

Straightforward Thai Chicken Satay in a thick and creamy peanut sauce! A particular ingredient makes this satay taste extraordinary. KETO and Reduced CARB RECIPE!

The one ingredient I include into it covers more than 10 components so YOU don’t have to worry about forgetting anything at all in the supermarket! This is a fast and easy Chicken Satay recipe utilizing bone-in chicken thighs.


The factor about this Satay Chicken recipe is that it might not be the authentic actual deal right from Thailand, BUT it IS incredible. TASTES like consider-out Thai, which to me is a vital part of eating. This recipe is my response to individuals moments you want a Thai Satay Chicken, but either:

  • Don’t have time to cube chicken or soak skewers. Or thread chicken onto individuals skewers although striving to keep away from stabbing fingers and palms with explained skewers.
  • Occasionally we just want an easy route. This is for us.


Serve with this outstanding peanut sauce on the side OR drown the chicken in the satay sauce before it hits the table. I adore each techniques and can never make a decision which a single is greater, since in the finish it’s going to finish up in sauce.

Serving the sauce on the side would suit most individuals for less difficult manage of specifically how much sauce goes more than the chicken.


MARINADE: The chicken is very first marinated in a gorgeous sauce Complete of satay flavours, and seared in that sauce for further flavours. Don’t even try to skip this step. You’d be loco to rush ahead. What tends to make this marinade additional unique is using Thai red Curry Paste!

Overlook about purchasing a basket full of spices and components and grinding them into a paste, which is in essence what most Thai sauces are manufactured from. There’s no want when you can get a excellent Thai Paste at any supermarket.

When you’ve seared your chicken, it then finishes cooking in the oven while you put together the satay sauce.

THE SAUCE. God support me. NOT just peanut butter and coconut milk. The peanut sauce ALSO has Thai paste for an further hit of flavour, plus other flavours and spices to get that WOW factor.

From here, when the chicken is cooked by means of, you can pour the sauce straight into the pan and reserve maybe one/4 cup for serving.

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