Chicken quesadillas

Chicken quesadillas

You may well be wondering, “do I even Need a recipe for quesadillas?” We feel once you attempt this one, you will be convinced that you only want one particular. It’s acquired the perfect mix of cheeses, flavorful sauted veggies, and plenty of hearty fillings that get the quesadilla from dorm meals to a wholesome, rounded meal.

How do I put together the shredded chicken?

If you never have a rotisserie chicken on hand, there is a super straightforward way to flip raw chicken breasts into delightful shredded chicken. Check out our guidebook right here: How To Shred Chicken.

Can I use corn tortillas alternatively of flour?

Totally! Corn tortillas are normally fairly a bit smaller sized than flour tortillas even though, so count on your yield to be closer to six quesadillas.

I am vegetarian. What can I sub in for chicken?

Sauted mushrooms or tofu would make delicious add-ins to this quesadilla! If you happen to be into fake meat, there are tons of wonderful merchandise that would fit in great right here. We enjoy this ground beef substitute, which would be super tasty sauted with some homemade taco seasoning.

What is the ideal way to make these for a crowd?

Sheet pan quesadillas, hands down. You could entirely sub the beef in that recipe for chicken, although you’ll require a bit a lot more. We’d suggest shredding four to 5 chicken breasts, depending on their size.

Do you have a recipe for beef quesadillas?

We confident do! Check out our Ultimate Quesadilla recipe for all your beef-y requirements.

Why do I need to use vegetable oil to make the quesadillas?

We like creating our quesadillas over a substantial heat so we can get that great golden crust. Vegetable oil is favored because it can stand the heat—it’s large smoke stage signifies we can do a number of batches of ‘dillas just before the oil overheats and burns. Burnt oil can give meals a bitter taste, so we perform it secure with veggie oil.

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