Broccoli casserole

Broccoli casserole

This healthier Broccoli Chicken Casserole recipe is produced with your option of pasta, tender chicken and broccoli, and the most scrumptious creamy cheddar mushroom sauce.

Raise your hand if you grew up consuming broccoli chicken casserole! Make that two hands if yours constantly included a can of cream of mushroom soup! Ah, what can we say, it’s what all of the great children have been doing back in the 80s. For individuals of you who nonetheless crave a very good throwback chicken casserole every single now and then presently, I have a modern version these days that I feel you are going to adore.

Meet my a hundred%-from-scratch, lightened-up, even now-ultra-creamy-and-cheesy, comforting chicken and broccoli casserole recipe!

It’s created with all of the traditional elements from the broccoli chicken casserole recipes of my childhood, just freshened up a bit to carry us into 2019. We’re speaking lots and plenty of broccoli (you can use fresh or frozen), tender chicken (really feel free of charge to use a rotisserie as a shortcut), your decision of pasta (I utilized whole-wheat, but any type will do), and tons of sharp cheddar cheese (get the good stuff!). Then in lieu of canned cream of mushroom soup, this broccoli chicken casserole recipe functions an easy homemade creamy mushroom sauce alternatively, manufactured with tons of fresh mushrooms and zesty seasonings to ensure that this casserole is anything but bland.

It’s present day, creamy, cozy comfort meals at its very best. And get ready, because it disappears in a flash.

Let’s make some chicken casserole!

Chicken Broccoli Casserole Ingredients:

Okay! Just before we get to the total recipe beneath, let’s talk about our buying listing. To make this broccoli chicken casserole recipe, you will want:


  • Pasta: Literally any sort of pasta that you really like greatest will operate here — conventional (semolina), total-wheat, gluten-totally free, egg, or any other kinds of substitute-grain pastas that you choose.
  • Broccoli: You can both use fresh broccoli (about one massive head, cut into florets) or frozen broccoli (about 1 pound) for this recipe.
  • Mushrooms: I enjoy the flavor of child bella (cremini) mushrooms in this broccoli casserole recipe. But any of your favorite mushrooms will do.
  • Creamy sauce things: Butter (or olive oil), onion, garlic, flour, stock (chicken or veggie), milk (any variety), Dijon, salt and pepper.
  • Sharp cheddar cheese: I really suggest buying a block of great-good quality aged sharp cheddar for this recipe, and then shredding it oneself.
  • Chicken: Any cooked chicken will work for this recipe! You can use my favorite baked chicken breasts recipe or saut two breasts in olive oil in a skillet until cooked by way of. Or for a shortcut, truly feel cost-free to shred a rotisserie chicken.


How To Make This Casserole:

To make this broccoli chicken casserole recipe, simply…


  1. Cook the pasta and broccoli. Cook the pasta in a massive pot of boiling water (don’t fail to remember to generously salt the water!) until finally it is al dente. But — plot twist! — toss the broccoli florets into the water about 1 minute ahead of the pasta is carried out cooking to give it a quick cook as well. Drain both.
  2. Make the mushroom sauce. Meanwhile, we’ll work on the sauce. Saut the onion, followed by the mushrooms and garlic in butter (or oil) until finally softened. Stir in some flour and allow it cook for one minute (this will help to thicken the sauce). Then add in the stock, milk, Dijon, salt and pepper, and cook right up until the sauce reaches a simmer. Stir in half of the shredded cheese, taste, and alter any seasonings as essential.
  3. Place everything with each other. In a large 9 x 13-inch baking dish, give every thing a good toss — the cooked pasta, broccoli, mushroom sauce and chicken — until finally combined.
  4. Bake. Bake uncovered for 15 minutes. Then take away pan from the oven, sprinkle the remaining cheddar cheese evenly on best of the casserole, and bake for ten far more minutes or until the cheese is nice and melty.
  5. Get pleasure from! Serve good and warm, garnished with further black pepper and/or fresh herbs, if sought after.


See total recipe directions below.

Attainable Variations:

Want to customize this chicken broccoli casserole recipe? Come to feel free to…


  • Use a various protein: Cooked sausage, pork, steak, or shrimp would all be delightful in this casserole in location of chicken.
  • Use rice alternatively of pasta: To make traditional chicken and rice casserole, cook one cup of (uncooked) rice according to bundle instructions. Then stir it into the casserole as you would the pasta.
  • Use a different variety of cheese: If cheddar isn’t your point, this casserole would also be delightful with a combine of good-quality mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Or some type of spicy pepperjack would be tasty as well!
  • Add fresh herbs: Feel free of charge to add in some fresh Italian herbs (such as parsley, basil, rosemary or thyme) if sought after.
  • Make it vegetarian: We made a vegetarian edition to check this recipe by just omitting the chicken, and the broccoli casserole was wonderful on its personal. Or, of course, you’re welcome to include some added veggies to the combine as effectively.
  • Make it gluten-cost-free: Use gluten-cost-free pasta, then thicken the sauce with an all-goal gluten-free flour mix. (Or you can stir a couple of tablespoons of gluten-cost-free cornstarch into the cold milk prior to including it to the sauce.)



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